Felt Coffee Cup Holder

Here's another felt fabric project of mine.  I found some few of this in etsy.com but most are made by crochet or knits.  I think of some options to make it easier specially with patterns which I don't, so I thought of my used Starbuck coffee holder to make this a pattern to cut the felt fabrics.  I hope this inspire on you next creations!

Two color of felt fabric
Needle and Thread
Starbucks used coffee cup holder

1.  Draw the pattern on your felt fabric and cut and two pieces.

2.  Put together and sew a running stitch that will add up to your design.

3.  Cut a contrast felt color to make a flower.  I use beidge color from excess holder.

4.  I use glue gun to attatch the flower and leaves,  and lastly I sew the button in the center.

1 comment:

  1. This was just the thing I was looking for. :3 I had seen other people selling holders like these, and thought "man, I need to make myself one!"

    It hadn't occurred to me to use an unfolded holder as a pattern. This is fab. Thank you!