Flower Pin made from Felt

I'm so gaga with felt fabric now a days, ideas and inspirations from other crafters keeps on coming.  I can't resist it but to create one.

Ingredients and Tools:
Felt Fabrics
Glue Gun
Glass Pearls

1. Cut 9 pieces of round felt fabrics.  I choose beige (4) and green tea (4) colors and I made dark brown (1) as the base of the petals, and that's make a total of 9 pcs.

2.  Dot a little of glue near the center of the circle and fold into half.  Add dot a little glue once folded into half and fold it again into quarter.

3. Get the base circle (dark brown) with the same size like the rest of the petals, and put altogether by layer and alternating the color. 

4. Once all petals are assembled you can put pearl, buttons or any that will accent your flower.

I hope you like it! Feel free to email me if you have questions.

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