DIY Headband - Easy

This is the most easiest DIY headband to make and thanks to bluebird studio for sharing this tutorial, please find time to visit her blog.  I guess everyone will get their headband and I need to make more for stocking filling this holiday.

All you need is 20-22 in by 4 in of your scrap fabric and elastic hair bond. 

Step 1: Cut your  20-22 in by 4 fabric, and fold in half and iron.

Step 2: Fold the edge going to ther center. Do the something to the other edge.

NOTE: It will easy to sew if you iron it first.

Step 3: Run top stictch at both edge...

Step 4: Make a flap by folding the end in 1/4 inch. Place the elastic hair band inside the flap and fold it again to the end and sew.

Step 5: Do this as well to the other end to connect.

Happy Sewing!

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