Hanging Jewelry Holder – Space Saver

Do you have so much accesories and don't know where to put it?  Do you have so much accessories that sometimes when you hide in your drawer or closet and you totally forgot about it?  How about make this tutorial on making a Jewelry Holder that you can put it inside your wardrobe and organize it by type or by color. 

One of my Sunday afternoon routine is preparing my clothes from Monday to Friday this is to avoid too much time looking at my wardrobe and decide what to wear on that day and run so late at work.  What  I usually do is to iron and hang my clothes from Monday to Friday on a separate section in my closet.  And to avoid the panicking and whatever accessories to have or to match my outfit, I have a pouch in front for the clothes hanger and there I put my necklace, bangles, earrings.  But having this idea I can create this similar project and line up the matching accessories with name of the days on it.  Click here to see the tutorial

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