15 minutes DIY Kleenex Tissue Holder

They really are so easy and fast to make!  I thought of this project initially what is usuable for this season, with allergy and cold in full swing other than that tissue pouches are great any time of year!  They are so easy to make as well.  You can create this in less than half an hour (probably closer to 15 minutes!). 

What you’ll need:-2 pcs of 6” x 7.5” piece pattern fabric
Take your tow fabric, I used two color and place the right sides of the lining and outer fabric together.

Run stictch along the side.  Leave one side open so you can turn it out.

Turn right side out.
 STEP FOUR:Stitch a 1/4” seam to the open side. 

STEP 5:Take one of the sides and fold in to the middle of the fabric.  Repeat with other side with little bit overlapping and stitch a 1/4” seam.  
Viola! All done and so simple.

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