3 Dollar Hurricane Vase

Lastnight, before going home from long day of work, I decided to drop by to the Dollar Tree Store near our house to buy some christmas ribbons for my gift wrapping.  And ofcourse there are great cheap finds at this store, I thought of  William Sonoma hurricane glass with letter W etch on it that I always wanted to buy, but it will cost $68-$78. I know lots of craft blogger already do this project, but I always to add it on my project list and thought other cheap way to do this.

And this what I found at candle/glassware aisle:

First, take out the sticker tags attach on it.
Plug the glue gun to heat up

Fill-in hot glue around the side of the candle holder.

Attach the candle stick holder at the button of the vase.
Make it sure you centered it.

You can put candles, pebbles or pine cones.  Maybe I should etched our lastname initial next time when I have more time :)

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