Easy DIY Cosmetic bag

Before I never knew how to make zipper's, and because I like to share knowledge, I decided I’d write up a little tutorial for my method (and probably the method of others, too). I hope everybody who has used and enjoyed this tutorial!

I didn't mentioned any size of the fabric cut, because you will decide how big or wide you want on your project.
Step1: Lay down the inner fabric, I used a canvas fabric here.  If you used another printed fabric put the right side down.
Step 2: Lay another layer of fabric with right side or prints on top.  It will be easy and neat to pin it together.
Step 3.  Lay down the zipper on to (right side)
Step 4:  Sew it and don't forget to use zipper footer.

Step 5: Flip it back and sew it again with 1/8 inch. 
Step 6: Do this again to the other side. 

Step 7:  After sewing the fabric and zipper all together it will be look like this (below) when you spread out.  Don't forget to open the zipper halfway or it will be hard when you flip into the right side later.

and the back looks like this....

Step 8: After sewing the zipper, align altogether like sandwiching the zipper.

Step 9: Run a stitch on each side but leave one side open (see pic) of the inner fabric.

Step 10:  Cut the corners but don't cut the stitch.  I'm doing this so it's not so bulky when I turn it out.

Step 11:   Then go ahead and turn the whole thing right-side-out. Turn under about 1/2″ of the bottom of the lining, press it flat, and sew it closed. No more raw edges!

Tuck the lining into the pouch, and it’s practically finished!
All you have to do is iron out any wrinkles and then admire your lovely new pouch with its perfect zip and you are done!  Congratulations!

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