Marsmallow Lego Man Pop

My son turned 5 years old this week and he is in-love with lego toys. Although this is a pricey toy to have and yet I love this kid of play, because thru this a lot of thinking and problem solving to put a figure all together. So I thought of this I can make for his birthday to give to his pre-school classmates.

Nowadays, I can see a lots of cake pops in bakeshops and coffee shops and so I thought of making one.  And as a working mom I dont have much leisure time to bake, crumble the cake and mold it into round ball. Marsmallow is already a perfect shape already to make the head of lego man. So this is how I make it.
All are bought at Michaels Craft Store except for Marsmallow
-A pack of medium size of marsmallow
-A pack of mini or smallest size of marsmallow
-Candy melts collor yello Pop stick
-Food color pen

Step 1:  Melt the candy according to the package instruction

Step 2: Stick the marsmallow on the stick. I cut the mini size of marsmaller into half and put it on the top.  Sorry I make this so easy and fast I forgot to take picture.

Step 3: Dip the marsmallow in the candy melt. Tap few times to take out some excess.  See the top now?  That is the mini size I stick on the top.

Step 4: Put it on a holder stand, I use a cabbage and stick to it while waiting for it to dry.

You can put it in refrigirator if you dont want to wait too long. I did mine before going to bed and left it on my dining table and when I woke up next day Its perfectly dry and ready to draw the face.

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  1. I think they are really cute. Please ask the parents if their child can eat them. Many children have allergies.