DIY Pink Sugar Hearts

This is good to make on valentines day or tea parties.  Very easy to make all you need is sugar, food coloring, ice tray.  I got mine from Ikea and if I remember it right it only cost less than $3.  And additional information... I found my 5 year old son enjoying this heart sugar shape and he thought it is a candy treat :)

Here's how to:
Put sugar on the bowl and put a little water using spoon.  Don't flood it too much or the sugar will dissolve, water is used to keep the sugar together when you press it.  Add the water gradually until you have good consistency afterwhich you can add few drops of food coloring of your choice until you get the desired hue.  Then scoop it on the tray using spoon and press in on to make sure no space or bubbles beneath it.

I used a 2 cups of sugar just enough to fill in one tray.


  1. My 6 yr old and I are actually planning a tea party next month for her school friends and their moms. I think she's going to love this idea and have fun helping me make these.
    If I can remember, I'll send you pictures.

  2. Thank you for dropping by Felicia. I would love to see the pictures if you have time :)

  3. Hello there! I actually used this idea many years ago, for a christmas cake decoration.
    I used a plastic bell as a mould, and filled with the sugar mixture,tapped out onto non-stick paper, did several, and left for a few days to dry.Done with no colouring, they make lovely sparkly edible bells for your cake top.Keep well.Rosie.x

  4. Thank you Rosie for dropping by :) The no colors idea will be great specially Christmas day is coming.

  5. Hi, thanks for sharing. I thought I would like to make these for two members of my family that love to drink tea but one of them doesn't use sugar. Can these be made with a sugar substitute or artificial sweetener, like Splenda?

  6. Hi darling!!

    I just found your blog, this recipe for sugar hearts is awesome!! I may recreate it for my blog. Too cute. thanks for the awesome ideas, following you now!

    XO Jenna

  7. This is good to make on valentines day or tea parties. Very easy to make all you need is sugar, food coloring, ice tray. I got mine from Ikea and if ... ipinksugar.blogspot.com