FREE Household Budget Planner

I was looking from free printable on-line but some of them are not free, so I did it myself  and created it using Microsoft Excel to put it all together.  I hope you find this budget sheet helpful to plan your financial expenses and savings.  I separated the Fixed and Variable costs.  This way you can easily view and adjust the cost to fit your budget. 

Other than having a hard copy I love using mint.com.  Super easy to use and you can tell ahead of time if you still on tract on your monthly budget.  More budget binder coming soon.

The pages are designed to be printed on standard letter 8.5" x 11" paper. The files are in PDF format which open best with Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free.

Click here to download!


  1. this is fantastic! I have to teach a little class at church on budgeting, and was wondering if I may use this as a handout as an example of way to start your household budget? I will, of course, put your blog site down and give you credit.

    1. Of course! Please do so :) blogging is my medium to share my crafts and ideas. Thank for stopping by.