Melt and Pour Soap (Rain)

I have this favorite store located at Berkeley California the name is Juniper Tree.  If you are around the area and you are not in a hurry to wait for a online orders and you need a little bit of this and that this is a good resource. I found this like a fresh linen scent on their cosmetic oil scent section called Rain and it's smells wonderful and refreshing.
Materials and Ingredients:
  • Glycerin   (Olive)                                                      
  • Silver Glitters
  • Soap Molder
  • Rain Cosmetic Grade Fragrance Oil
  • Alcohol Spray
  • Blue Colorants for Soap
A block of olive glycerin soap from Michaels Store that I bought for $5 half price off, so don't you forget to print their online coupons or have a mobile application installed to your cell so you have their weekly coupons whenever you go.
The refreshing Rain scent from Juniper Tree Shop
The plastic mold from Michaels Store
The rubber like stamps for soaps, and don't get to spray alcohol on top before you pour

Since I'm doing the Rain soap I will add cosmetic glitters that will add sparkly looks on it.  I bought this at the Juniper Tree Store for $2.99.

A bottle of alcohol spray to eliminate the bubbles.



Step 1

Melt your glycerin in microwave with 30 seconds interval.
Step 2:  Put colorants, oil scents and add cosmetic glitters but this are optional.

Step 3: Use common household items for your molds. We filled round yogurt cups 1-inch deep; oval yogurt or cottage-cheese containers create other shapes.  Leave it at least 2 hours or you can put it inside the ref at least 15-30 minutes.
Step 4:
After each soap has set, press on sides of mold to loosen the soap and on bottom to release it.




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