30 days of organizing.

Found this link that you might what to put in your task in next 30 days of organizing.


$1 Counts A Simple Way of Savings

Hello! I hope you are all having a great new year start.  If you are looking for a new year resolution financially, and easiest way  to increase your savings beside your bank savings account here's what I found from mommysavers.com.  I found this useful idea and tool to keep on track by saving one dollar for a start and keep adding the dollar amount according to weeks number.  For instance, we have 52 weeks total in a year right? For week 1 you will put $1 the next month Week2 you will put $2 and Week3 you will put $3 and so on.  By the time you reach Week 52 you already saved almost $1,400.  You will find the downloadable link below.

But if your looking for more challenging kinda savings, I created another sheet that starts at $5 increments, and that will total for almost $7,000 for a year.  Great way to save for your future travel plans :)

Download the printables here!

Happy Savings!