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DIY Glass magnets

This is the cheapest project I've made so far. I found this glass medium pebbles at Michaels Store on their flower decorations section for only .89 cents and use nice pictures from magazine and left over from my scrapbook making.

Materials used:
Mod Podge
Puncher if you want different kind of shapes
Pebble Glass
Sponge Brush

1. Put some Mod Podge behin the glass and attach the paper.
2. Attach the paper and cut-out the excess.
3. Apply some more Mod Podge at the back of the paper and the magnets.


DIY: Floral Wreath

Pass by Michaels Arts and Craftstore yesterday and found these flowers on sale for 80%.  I grab a cart and bought 12 pcs of mum worth 39 cents each and use my 50% coupon to bought the styrofoam wreath.


12 pcs Silk Mums
3 pcs Silk SunFlower
Glue Gun
Styrofoam Wreath

1.  Pull the flower for the stems.

2. Put glue at the back of the flower.

3.  Attach the flower to the styrofoam  (Note: I poke a hole before putting the flower, this will make the contact more sturdy).

 4.  Once you put all the small flowers, do the same thing with the 3 large flowers and attach it at the center.


Chalkboard Wall Calendar

I got this fabulous idea from Matha Stewart website.  A chalkboard wall calendar that can be make in your patry behind doors or home office areas.  And it's very fun to have in the kitchen so you can make shopping and menu lists as well as keep the family calendar.